Pro Kennex Adult Rackets

Pro Kennex is the only racket brand with shock absorbing technology built into the frame. The Ki Q+ plus range are a must for tennis elbow sufferers or those wishing to avoid the condition.

Ace Kit string all Ki Q+ range of rackets in-house with an excellent soft high performance polyester and string at a lower tension in order to give the user an even greater shock protection.

Pro Kennex utilise advanced technology for players of all skill levels who seek to elevate their game. Every season their products are improved to give players a winning edge on the court, focusing on style, quality and peak performance products.

As part of their product philosophy, Pro Kennex only introduces products that deliver a remarkable performance solution or notable design enhancements.

Should you have a preference for another racket brand then do contact us for a price, as we are able to source all Babolat, Wilson, Head and Yonex ranges.